Amazon Gifts to Give Your Macaron Lover this Valentine's Day

Updated: Feb 4

Nothing says "I Love You" like macarons, but we thought we'd put together a list of gifts that are macaron themed that will last longer than cookies to give to your macaron lover this Valentine's Day.

We decided to go with easy to order, quick to arrive, and budget-friendly gifts! Let us know in the comments which is your favorite.

1) Comfy Macaron Socks

How CUTE are these socks?! They'll keep your feet nice and warm while keeping the sass alive. These socks are by AGRIMONY and have a few other food-themed ones to choose from, maybe for yourself? At $11 they're a steal!

2) Macaron Bath Bombs!

Romantic baths are a great way to spend Valentine's Day! And why not make them macaron themed?!

From the brand Peinat, these are super cute, even LOOK like macarons, and don't break the bank at just $18 for a set of 8! They smell of lavender, vanilla, and rose and are made with essential oils. Yum!

3) Luxurious Macaron Candles

Set the mood for that romantic bomb bath with these luxury macaron candles! These will look STUNNING in the bathroom and smell amazing! These candles are by Voluspa and will transport you to a luxury spa. Set of 3 for $48.

4) Funny Macaron Shirt

If you're a Harry Potter fan like I am, you love a good wizard reference. That's why I'm kind of obsessed with this shirt by Baking T-shirt Memes Co of how to correctly say macaron. Cheers to the Hermoine Granger in your life! Only $20.

5) Cute Macaron Apron

If you love a baker, chances are they only have one apron they use until it is in rags or they collect them like they're trinkets. If it's time for a replacement, consider gifting them this cute apron by Wondertify for only $14.

6) Macaron Travel Brush

For the on-the-go Valentine, gift them this useful macaron travel brush by Milk + Sass for $10. They'll think of you every time they use it no matter where in the world they are! Cute, compact, and has a mirror inside of it. Pair it with a box of chocolates or flowers to make a simple gift extra special!

7) Stylish Macaron Keychain

Looking for something on a budget? This gorgeous macaron keychain is less than $8! Great for decorating your keys or purse, your Valentine will love showing this gift off. This one includes an Eiffel Tower and is by Lynmalrity and comes in several different colors.

8) Macaron Jewelry Storage Case

Ready to pop the Big Question this Valentine's Day? Consider hiding the ring in one of these adorable macaron jewelry storage cases!

Earrings are fine, too. Necklaces, even. No pressure.

These are by Coolrunner Store and go for $10 for 2.

9) Macaron Baking Kit

Make your own macarons with this baking kit from My French Recipe Store on sale now for $30. While we love a homemade recipe, those can be tricky for a newbie. These macaron baking kits are great for beginners and make a fun date activity for you and your Valentine!

If you want to really impress, try making your own buttercream with our tried and true buttercream recipe in our other blog.

10) A Box of Macarons

I know, I know, this is a weird one! But if all else fails, nothing wins a heart like macarons do. Is Amazon the first place I'd look for macarons? Absolutely not. Go local! But I understand some people might not have local macaron bakers in their town, and any macarons are better than no macarons.

If you're feeling brave, these are from WHOOPS! and start at $47 for 9 pieces.

Check out my post on the Best Macarons To Buy From Amazon for a full list if you're desperate for macarons!

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